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How to get the most out of your job interview?

Job interview is a process of converting a prospect into a team member for an organization. Interview is a critical process and every company carries out a job interview process to meet the prospects. Interviewers ask questions and based on that key decision is made about the candidates. This is the reason why employers must have clarity about what they are expecting from the interview process. Let us see some points about how to get the most out of your job interview:


  1. Proposing clearly what is on offer

If you want to get the best man/woman working for your company then you must be able to clearly tell the candidates what the company is going to offer to successful ones. You also need to know the expectations of interviewees and when there is a good match between the expectation and the offering then the real objective of interview can be met. This means both interviewers and candidate must be on same page.


  1. Know the candidate well

Once the offer part is clear, knowing the candidate is super essential. This can simply be done by asking “tell me about yourself”. The question sounds simple and repeated in each interview but the importance of the question is huge. After asking the question interviewers must listen to the candidate with patience. Let them put their value proposition for the role. You have to find why the candidate thinks he/she is fit for the job. If one can articulate it well then you have a bright candidate in front you.


  1. Ask the follow up questions right

After knowing the candidate asking correct follow up questions is quite essential. Now the questions should be focused on knowing the candidate’s ability of how he/she will accomplish the job given to them. What they will do is important but even more important is to know how they will go about the job. This opens up many aspects of candidates.


  1. Focus on skills and other things

To get the best out of job interview employer must focus on knowing the core skills and other strengths of the candidates. Core skill is required to do the job well and other strengths are performing well in harsh situations. In crunch situations the real strength of an individual comes across. During the job interview you need to test this side of the candidates as well. This will let you know that if they are put through tough situations who are the ones able to sail through. This you can know by knowing their past wherein they have faced any of such scenarios and did well.


  1. Check how much ready is the candidate

Even if one is talented and has skills required for performing the job still right candidates must be prepared, interested and curious. You need to check how much research they have done about your company and the industry your company is in. A bright and interested candidate always does the preparation before they appear for the interview. They check crucial facts about the company, industry, competitors, SWOT etc.


So, if an employer keeps these points in mind then they can get the best out of a job interview.